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MjTunes Radio : Michael Jackson Top 100 - Fans' Choices

Posted by DjTunes on 2011/11/22 10:20:00  

It has become a yearly tradition. Michael Jackson fans worldwide vote for their favorite songs and albums at the end of each year. With Christmas just around the corner we ask you to vote again and let the world know which of Michael’s creations are the fans’ favorites. For 2011 we have also added music videos and tours...

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In The News : Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson Duets Set For Release in 2012

Posted by PYT-ID on 2011/11/12 15:30:00  

Brian May, the guitarist of the legendary rock band Queen, has revealed that Michael Jackson's estate have given the band permission to release a series of duets which they recorded with Michael Jackson during the 1980s...

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MjTunes Radio : Invincible 10th Anniversary Celebration - Radio Show Special

Posted by DjTunes on 2011/10/23 17:00:00  
October 30th - Celebrate The Legend
INVINCIBLE 10th Anniversary : 2001 - 2011

We’re glad to share with you the 10th anniversary of Michael Jackson's Invincible Album.

    • MjTunes Radio Show Special details:
      When? October 30th 9PM GMT+1
      Where ?
      Michael Jackson Live Radio
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In The News : Michael Jackson Remembered by His Band

Posted by PYT-ID on 2011/10/14 18:20:00  

"All I know is when I was with him, he was the sweetest person in the world," says Tommy Organ, a guitarist who was a featured player in the This Is It rehearsals. "When he came on stage he was always happy, always trying to help. When he heard anything that was out of key or wasn't the right part, he would hum the exact notes he wanted and then he would end it with, 'I'm telling you with love.' It was never 'Hey, what are you doing over there!', it was always 'maybe you should try this, with love'. You wanna play for a person like that."

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MJ Files : Michael Jackson California Raisins "Raison Attitude" Video

Posted by PYT-ID on 2011/8/14 3:30:00  
In the following video Michael Jackson explains to claymation animator Will Vinton how he envisions some of the raisins to look like and behave, for an upcoming California Raisins television commercial, based on Michael's music and style, in 1989.
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