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MjTunes Studio - DJ MJMR3

My name is Dirk and live in Belgium (Limburg).

Music has always been important for me; I grow up with music out of the years '80: but Michael Jackson went home by me as a bomb when I saw him on TV with the number 'Billie Jean' during the Motown's 25th Anniversary (1983).

The first album which I had bought was "Thriller" and on this moment is the collection enlarged to more than 500 items.

What I loved by Michael is his excellence, his perfectionism, his dance, his voice, being as a child, he brings gladness and excitement to the people of whole the world by his music. Michael is really magic.

My function is as first webmaster, as second I make as MJMR3 regular remixes and a In the mix and as third I'm active as performer / look-a-like BJ Jackson.

I started at the beginning of the years '80 with collecting Michael Jackson singles, maxi-singles, albums and CD's. Inspired by the mixes of Ben Liebrand on the Dutch radio station Radio Veronica I started mixing.

I've played in the past myself by a few free radio stations and in different discothèques where I then already mixed some records together.

Invincible (MJMR3 Beat Remix) (4:54)
Jam (MJMR3 The Dangerous Jam Remix) (4:15)
One More Chance (MJMR3 About Us Remix) (3:58)
Rock With You (MJMR3 Master Rock Remix) (4:50)
This Time Around (MJMR3 Care About The Time Remix) (4:42)
MJ feat. Eve - Butterflies (MJMR3 Master Rhythm Remix) (4:40)
MJ vs 2 Pac - They Don't Care About Us (MJMR3 Main Love Remix) (4:27)
MJ vs 50 Cent - Monkey Business (MJMR3 In Da Monkey Remix) (4:30)
MJ vs Jocelyn Brown - Girlfriend (MJMR3 Somebody Else Girlfriend Remix) (3:03)
MJ vs Madonna - In The Closet (MJMR3 Holiday Remix) (5:11)
MJ vs New Order - Scream (MJMR3 Beach Remix) (4:41)
MJ Vs Rihanna - Wanna Be Stop The Music (MJMR3 Remix) (6:17)
Bad (MJMR3 Pump up the Bad Remix) (5:09)
Blood On The Dance Floor (MJMR3 Get On The Dance Floor Remix) (5:29)
Dangerous (MJMR3 is Dangerous Remix) (3:56)
Dirty Diana (MJMR3 Dirty Snipped Remix) (4:27)

For more informations about DJ MJMR3 you can also visit his site Billie

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