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Michael Jackson - Will You Be There - 9391 votesMichael Jackson - Give In To Me - 9256 votesMichael Jackson - Speed Demon - 7371 votesMichael Jackson - Earth Song - 6380 votesMichael Jackson - Billie Jean - 5856 votesMichael Jackson - Morphine - 5601 votesMichael Jackson - You Are Not Alone - 5271 votesMichael Jackson - Streetwalker - 5225 votes
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trj4mj Best radio on the net! 

MjTunes Donator

I really love MJTunes. I hear alot of rare tracks,I never heard before. I listen with the toolbar,and it works great.

disneygirl on... 

Human Beat-Box

...rock on !!!...

cherryontop give it up for the team 

Chorus Singer

this site is freaking awsome i love it the radio the fans the music could'nt done it better

sabbaghsel Ephoria 

Who Is It ?

i love this site
the music is great, the people are fun to chat with, the live radio keeps me awake and i just love Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5!

gsummers Thanks for this web site 

Human Beat-Box

Keep up the good work this site is amazing, love the work an effort its great. Thankyou for sharing this vision

moonwalkerashley88 Michael Jackson you are my Insparation 

Who Is It ?

Thank you Michael For your inspiration because when I get into college I am
going to take dance, acting, singing,
because Of you .
I learn from you and that is so important
to me . I just wanted to tell you thank
you for all that you do for me through your music , and Dance.

sabbaghsel The best 

Who Is It ?

I love Michael Jackson with all my heart .... he makes life more enjoyable...
i think we should try to do the same for him....

Kewti So Much Love 

Who Is It ?

Whutsup world! This is Kewti, bringin love to Mike from New Jersey U.S.A. I just wanna say that I LOVE ME SOME MIKE!! I always buy 2 copies of CD's magazines and such so I can have one to use and one to save. I've been a fan my entire life and will continue to be. If Michael were ever to read this, I would want him to know that I'll always stand behind his music and he'll always have a fan in me!

shortyhmm1 Giving Thanks 

I would like to give thanks to the people who have created this site and the brillant minds that have helped them. I enjoy this so much. I want to let you all know for making this you are helping spread Michael's words',his compassionate words! Make the world a better place one person touched at a time....millions have heard his music read his message and they try to make a better place. Spread the message we can't reach everyone's heart, but the more people that you do the better our world will gradually get.
Michael I love you as well as many people you've touched!
Your magic is the power to make people's hearts' hum to you song and listen to the hidden meanings! Thank you!

~heather marie~ USA,TENNESSEE

ccmj93 Dear Michael 

Hi Michael My name is Carolina. I was born in 1993 on Oct.28 and I'm 14 years old.I live in East Boston Ma. I love you from the bottom of my heart. You are so special to me and you mean the world to me. I loved you ever since I was a baby. I have a big collection of your things I've been collecting since I was 2. It's my dream to meet you one day. I pray to God every night for you.
I can't imagine my life without you. You have an amazing voice, a kind heart, and you are very talented. I love all your albums, I listen to them over and over every day. I love you dearly and I really wish you can read this Michael. I wish we could somehow come in contact. God bless,

Much love to you and your family,
Carolina L. Ciruolo

Just be nice
Stay Tuned

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