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Michael Jackson Forever - Live Documentary SpecialThe Jacksons - Victory Tour Los Angeles 1984The REDmix Vol. 2 - L.O.V.E. Michael Special - Meet The Family Vol.1(Thriller Day) Quincy Jones Interview(Thriller Day) BBC 1xtra MegamixNBC Special - The Jacksons Story By MarlonDocumentary Special - Up To Date Show With Jennifer Batten
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Ellaa The best 

Michael Jackson ,Ilove you the rest of my life

Stefanie I miss you Michael! <3 

I love MJ Tunes! It's the perfect way to listen the whole day to MJs music! Michael, I miss you so much! I love you!

MJ59star3 Christmas Greeting of Michael Jackson ! 0:40pm UT espec. to Germany 

Chorus Singer

Thanks , mj tunes for sending this which year it's been recorded, I'm wondering its talking to me,...feeling the pains German parents have if animated to more children than 2 ...or just 4 kids to have ...ranging to 'asocial beings' and for real it was heavy to let them grow up. ..there is so much unkindness to children and to have pay more even now if they are to dreams=(also mine of my inner child) to take real and help fulfill ...***what an good wish and encouragement to I'm proud to have done this work for our future as you've motivated...>>>> Michael, thanks and blesses, wherever you are now!!!all good stars★ ☆ ✮ ✯, peace, freedom, love and good understanding of eachother and help for wonderful christmastime all around...thanks Mjtunes for spreading the good news , good music....****************

EvaLoveMJ MjTunes 

Who Is It ?

is amazing. I am a long time fan of it, now registered. I will never miss it. Thank you for your incredible work on this site an the Legacy of MJ.

Amsel42 Thank you so much! 

Who Is It ?

I look forward every day to listen to MJ songs. Also, there are many interesting things, like the unreleased songs or speeches. Thank you so much. Keep on dancing everyone!

Mamacita Thank you 

Who Is It ?

The radio is great. Mike around the clock is like a dream come true. Listen to MJ Tunes is my favorite part of the day

akhojanema Moin allerseits 

Ich bin Ahmad aus dem Iraq, aber wohne seit 12 Jahern in Deutschland. Ich bin einer der Fan von Michael Jackson und habe seine ganze Albums und höre sie immer bei Arbeit und Sport. Besser gesagt, igal wo ich mich befinde. Ich wollte euch für die wunderschöne Seite danken. Denn jetzt kann ich, dass was ich von dem KING-OF-POP nicht habe, sogar zuhause hören . Ich nehme mein Hut vor euch respect. euer Freund AHMAD

disney My Opinion about MJTUNES.COM 

Hallo zusammen.

Auch wenn ich mich schon des öfteren durch das Netz geklickt habe, um interessante und/oder unterhaltsame Sites von und über Michael Jackson zu suchen, habe ich diese erst recht spät gefunden.
Aus diesem Grund bin ich überaus überrascht, dass es ein Webradio ausschließlich mit den Songs von Michael gibt.
Diese Site ist jetzt schon ein Favorit und läuft sobald ich den Rechner einschalte:)

Habt also wie ich Spaß, an den Hits, Clips, Duetts und Remixes des Unübertreffbaren Michael Jacksons -King of Pop- und behaltet somit die legendären Werke und tolle Arbeit Michaels in Erinnerung...egal was noch kommen mag.


Dortmund (Germany), 20. Juni 2007

Tina MJ is still the King of Pop 

Who Is It ?

I love this radio. It's wonderful. I'm listen to it as much as I can.
Keep Michaeling and take care!!!

tommy Wonderful site 

Member DJ

Thank You for this mega cool site. i always listen to mj web radio now. great music, wonderful people in the chat, genius

Just be nice
Stay Tuned

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