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Vanessa I miss you MJ! 

Michael I love you so much and miss you very much. You have always been an influence to me! You showed me how to do what i love and how to express my feelings through it. You were and still are an amazing artist who i will always remember!

vsimon94 These 'Moonwalk' Machines? 

Chorus Singer

MjTunes is the best MJ fan-made radio! yes!

Simy Love is magical! 

Michael I Love you with all my soul!
We will love you forever!

mjloove MjTunes 


Merci mjtunes vous Ítes une excellente radio !!Michael tu es le roi de mon coeur jtm pour la vie!! You rock my world

gispereira Saudades!!! 

Michael... "I can breathe, I can bleed, I can die in my sleep, cause you're always there in my dreams". I love you FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

JUANA MARIA Missing Michael 


I always remember Michael and his beautiful songs....

Journeyhall1 MerryXmas 

Merry Christmas....Spread love.

MJ59star3 Christmas Greeting of Michael Jackson ! 0:40pm UT espec. to Germany 

Chorus Singer

Thanks , mj tunes for sending this which year it's been recorded, I'm wondering its talking to me,...feeling the pains German parents have if animated to more children than 2 ...or just 4 kids to have ...ranging to 'asocial beings' and for real it was heavy to let them grow up. ..there is so much unkindness to children and to have pay more even now if they are to dreams=(also mine of my inner child) to take real and help fulfill ...***what an good wish and encouragement to I'm proud to have done this work for our future as you've motivated...>>>> Michael, thanks and blesses, wherever you are now!!!all good stars★ ☆ ✮ ✯, peace, freedom, love and good understanding of eachother and help for wonderful christmastime all around...thanks Mjtunes for spreading the good news , good music....****************

LittleSusie19 Thanks MJTunes 

Who Is It ?

Hello MJTunes,
I thank you MJTunes for all you do is great!
Do not change anything, your radio is perfect!
I listen to you since 2009 because I do not know MJTunes before but I really regret not having wanted to find a radio MJ be able to listen our king, our angel all day long and never get tired, since I begin to listen to you, I never was much surprised by the findings that can be done on this site! You did a great job and I want to thank you for everything because you've managed to combine original songs and remixes! Congratulations! You are the best!
All in all, you allow fans worldwide to KNOWLEDGE them and it's fantastic!
And again thank you most of my heart!
And see you soon

FLORENCE13960 Waouhhh 

I love this radio !! I love MJ forever

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