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Re: Rest in peace our dear friend Michael Jackson/ You will be my biggest love forever

Poster: LiberianGirl-Indra  Posted: 2009/6/27 22:39:10

It's so hard to believe that you are not in this world.I can't believe in it.You were my everything:the biggest love,my joy,my happiness...But I still believe that you are with us...We just can't see you...We just can feel you... When I knew that you left our world,I started to cry.I couldn't stop crying for 4 days...I couldn't sleep for 2 nights.I even cry nowadays.I want you to know that you will always have a place in my heart. I don't know if you read this letter which was dedicated to you...But I know that you can read every letter now...So,I want to say everything what I feel for you,my love . My name is Indra.I am a huge fan of YOURS,MICHAEL JACKSON.I have been your fan for 18 years.(You know this maybe).I would like to tell you my real story how I became your fan.My interest in you was begun when I was 1 year old.I was about 1 year old when I heard your voice.Your wonderful voice made me fly in the sky...I felt like in the real paradise. I couldn't hear you more often.But I always remembered your magical voice,Michael.Many people tell me that it is impossible to remember it.But I really remember it.You even sang for me in my dreams,while I was sleepping in my little bed. When I was at the age of 2,I saw you on TV.I saw how you performed 'Billie Jean'.I was very amazed by your wonderful appearance,by your impressive dancing,by your voice...It was so amazing.I didn't understand what the song was about.I just couldn't stop watching you.I even wanted to know about you more.But I was too little to know about you something more.On the other hand,there were no internet,no DVDs...We only had a several TV programs.And I couldn't ask my parents more information about you as they were busy with their works.But I promised myself as I grew up,I would know everything about you.You were always in my mind...And nobody knew that I loved you so much... The years were running,I was growing up.My love for you was growing up with me as well.And I was a little sad because I didn't have more possibility to watch your videos or to listen to your songs as my parents told me that I had to learn,so I was very busy:I had been learning 2 languages-English and my native language;I had been going to Music School in which I spent much time. ..But when I had enough time,I never missed an opportunity to watch your videos or to listen to your songs.I remember,my older brother liked you...Sometimes I watched videos with his wife.I remember,how I was watching'Give In To Me' video.When I saw you singing and dancing on TV again,I couldn't take my eyes away of you...You looked so great!Your voice was so awesome.That video and song I still remember nowadays.And of course,I remember other songs ,too:'Black or White','In The Closet' which became my most favorite song,'Remember The Time','Stranger In Moscow''...and other songs,too.A very big impression made me 'You are Not Alone'song.It was in 1997.I have to say that I was melting while I was listening to this song using my brother's player...I called my mother to listen to this song too.And while she was listening to it,I saw a wonderful smile on her face...Like a sunlight.She told me that ''You Are Not Alone'' song was so perfect .Later ,I saw you in this video.My day was full of happiness when I was watched it. The more years were running,the more I could know about you, Michael .I heard some bad things about you but I knew that it were only tabloids.I know that you are the most wonderful man in the world.And I love you from the bottom of my heart!!! I also watched the film''Living With Michael Jackson''.I was so lucky when I saw you again! I knew everything about you.I was always thinking how to come to you,how to hug you and to say how much I loved you.I was always dreamming that one day I go to Neverland to meet you and to give you the biggest hug in the world,and then we go to play with children.I have to say that this dream is still in my heart... When I was at the age of 16,I became the happiest girl in the world.My niece brought me'History'CDs.But before that, she had told me that she was your fan too.She liked singing 'They Don't Care About Us'song.I was singing with her as well.It was on Christmas,as I remember.It was very dark,cold and snowy night when we did this. We were walking on the streets and were singing:''All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us!.''I was really happy that she liked you.She just was talking about you in every second. Next day she brought me 'History'CD.When she pressed'play' button,we started yelling as we were very happy. My niece started jummping on my bed.Then I turned up the volume and we started having fun.While we were listening to ''Beat It ''song,all house was shaking.Our neighbours were laughing and clapping their hands.However,we took no notice of them.We could have fun till 10 PM.It was not allowed to make a noise after that hour.So,we had to turn down the volume and to stay quiet...After 10 minutes of silence a miracle came to me. That miracle was my mother's dream which I didn't realize in my childhood.She wanted me to become a singer.However,I didn't.I am very worried what I did in my childhood.The reason why I didn't want to become a singer was that I was reserved and shy girl.If I weren't...Ah it doesn't matter now.The most important thing is that you made me sing in that evening.I was singing your songs.I changed into another girl that evening.My shyness almost gone and I started being more self-confident.I started having singing lessons and finally,I started singing at concerts. I want to say to you that I still can't imagine my life without you.You brought me and you still bring me happiness everyday.Just my heart has such a huge pain because I can't go to hug you.I had so many dreams about you.My biggest dream was to be close to you everyday.I wanted to play with you everyday.I wanted to take care of you everyday.I have to say that those dreams are still my heart... I want to thank you for everything you have done for me.Thank you for showing me what the real love is.Thank you for giving me a confidence.Thank you for making me sing.I would have never sung,if you had never been in this world.You changed me and my life... Michael Jackson,I will never forget you.You are still my everything.You are so cute and the most wonderful man in the world...And you will be the most wonderful man in the world forever.I love you...I love you so much.I will always be with you...You are always in my heart.
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