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MJ Files : Michael Jackson's Quick Biography

Posted by Chrissy on 2008/7/28 20:47:34  News by the same author
With a new, upcoming album from the King Of Pop, we can only speculate about what the new music will sound like, and so, could this new release be the start of the biggest comeback of all time?

As soon as Michael first burst on to the scene as a bright, fresh-faced, cute 11-year-old with incredible talent, it became clear that this kid had the potential to become a great star. And, as we watched him grow and find his own unique style, Michael continued to conquer the world, with an army of loving fans supporting him each step of the way.

We watched him release “Off The Wall”, signifying him as an independent, solo artist. And, in 1982 “Thriller” was released, with a tracklisting of legendary songs and a groundbreaking 11 – minute short film music video. Again, we watched with admiration as “Thriller” not only became the biggest-selling album of all time, but also win eight grammy awards in 1984. Of course, Michael left us all moonstruck with the unveiling of his signature dance move, the moonwalk, during an incredible performance of “Billie Jean” at “Motown 25 : Yesterday, Today and Forever”.

But it didn’t stop there. The success continued to flow during 187 and 1988 wit the release of “Bad”. During this era, we saw Michael embark on his first solo tour, creating a stunning standing room only show with a total of 123 concerts, and performing to approximately 4.4 million fans, touring around the world from Tokyo to Las Angeles. Also, as with “The Wiz”, we saw another of Michael’s talents, Michael “the actor”, as he released his full motion-picture movie, “Moonwalker”. Now, it seemed that Michael had become the biggest star on the planet. In 1991, the album “Dangerous” was released, along with the Dangerous World Tour. Also, during this era, we saw Michael open up and show the world his personal self, in an exclusive live interview with Oprah Winfrey from his home at Neverland. In 1995, a more personal and autobiographical album of music was released; the album “HIStory”, and again, this album also came with its own world tour. We saw Michael discuss and address serious issues in songs such as “They Don’t Care About Us”, and “Scream”, a collaboration with his younger sister, Janet Jackson. Following this album, “Blood On The Dancefloor : HIStory In The Mix” was released in 1997, with a variety of new songs and also remixes of songs from the “HIStory” album. Michael also filmed and released the incredible 40 – minute short film, “Ghosts”, with stunning routines and amazing visual digital effects, during this era. And, in 2001 the album “Invincible” was released, showing Michael to be using a more “hip-hop” and “R&B” sound, with the number one hit “You Rock My World” and songs such as “Break Of Dawn” and “Butterflies”.

Then, after so many years of musical entertainment and legendary albums…came the silence.

Michael’s fans eagerly awaited more new, fresh material, but continued to support their idol through the difficult times he encountered. Supposedly, during these times many people questioned Michael’s return to the music world. But, after the silence and came the victory, and so therefore, in February 2008 came the release of “Thriller 25”, celebrating 25 years since the album’s original release in1982. Although “Thriller 25” is a re-release of the original album, including all of the classic songs such as “Billie Jean”, “Beat It” and “Thriller”, the album also includes the previously unreleased track, “For All Time”. “Thriller 25” has reportedly sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

Now, for us fans, all we can do is wait. Wait for the return of the greatest entertainer of all time. It is true, that the music world has been missing something for quite some time. That something is the music of Michael Jackson.

Michael is reportedly recording his new album in Las Vegas, and so it seems that “Thriller 25” is a sign of the start of his comeback.

What with so much “fake” material around at the moment, it is sometimes hard to believe what are actually real songs from MJ himself. Another sign that the King is returning is the “new” song, “Hold My Hand”, a collaboration with Akon. So, now, as we await the new album, one thing is sure: Michael can rest assured that his fans will continue to show their love and support with whatever he decides to do next.
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