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MjTunes Radio : MjTunes interviewed by

Posted by MoonDJ on 2008/3/25 2:00:00  News by the same author
Our friends from website asked us some questions and it was with a great pleasure that we answered them.

If you want to know more about the origin, the management and the future of MjTunes, this interview may interest you.
is the first (and only?) Michael Jackson internet radio station worldwide and today the site's owners MoonDJ and DjTunes answered a few questions by the JacksonVillage Team. First of all, let me thank you for agreeing to do this interview with JacksonVillage.

JacksonVillage: Perhaps you would like to introduce yourselves?

MoonDJ: Hi Paul, it's a great pleasure to be with you and give you an interview. I want to say hello to all the JacksonVillage community. I am MoonDJ, one of the administrators of MjTunes. Another webmaster is DjTunes; we are the creators of this web site/radio and miXscape and DJhot7 help us. We opened in November 2006. I manage the site and the radio, so does DjTunes. He is also the one with the technical expertise… I'm better in coming up with ideas.

DjTunes: Hi there. I'm DjTunes AKA Tunas, Tuses, and many other names. I'm 34 years old. Well, as MoonDJ said, I'm the technical guy, trying to build a great place for the fans.

JacksonVillage: Can you tell us who started MjTunes in the first place and how it came about?

MoonDJ: The idea of a MJ radio concept was first conceived on a French website called MJ Mediazine ( I was a moderator on that site for a while and have been friends with the site's webmaster (Invincible777) for a long time. We've met at many of the MJ fan meetings around Europe. And the radio stream had existed on his site for many years.

DjTunes: The idea was there and we decided to develop this project on an independent site and an autonomous professional stream with better capacity of up to 200 listeners. So Invincible777 agreed and helped us build it during the beginning phase of this project.

JacksonVillage: How and when did you become a fan?

MoonDJ: I wasn't exactly indifferent to MJ during the Thriller period, but I just listened to his music by the way. It's mostly during the Bad Era and my adolescence that I became aware of the phenomenon "Michael Jackson"; since then my passion has never stopped. There never has been any doubts - in fact, how else would it be? This guy is a genius, unique and magical.

DjTunes: Oh boy, what a question, I'm so old. Ok, the first touch came with the music video of Thriller... later came the great video documentary report of the Bad Tour – at that moment, I was in love with this amazing entertainer. How can you not fall in love with this man dancing, singing, moving so good on stage? But my passion really started with the Dangerous album release.

JacksonVillage: Do you have a favorite Michael Jackson album?

MoonDJ: I love absolutely all MJ albums! Some of them more than others, but all are interesting artistically speaking. MJ is a genius and his talent is everywhere, but for me Dangerous represents the perfection.

DjTunes: Oh boy, what a question again. OK HIStory !

JacksonVillage: seems to be the only Michael Jackson web radio station that people talk about. Do you know of any other web radio stations with MJ music only? And if you do - do you see them as competition?

MoonDJ: There are many websites or portals who offer what they call "radio players". But in truth these are only predetermined playlists. Sort of like a jukebox on the internet. MjTunes is different in the sense that it's a dedicated stream which broadcasts the music on two channels: the world listens to the same song at the same time, it's a real radio with one exception: we don't speak like real radio hosts. So, in that sense, I don't know of another comparable radio. If you know any, please, let me know.
And even if there was another radio like that, it wouldn't be a competitor in the sense that we are not fighting with anyone. Being a fan means to accept and encourage others who do the same thing, as long as they do it with respect. Because all of us love one and the same artist.

DjTunes: OK first of all, I just wanna say that the competition cannot be apart from us. There is only ONE Michael Jackson, ONE community. We all love the same person, the same artist, the same Thriller etc. With this in mind, we have created the first radio station dedicated to the King Of Pop. Whose music we are all fans of.

JacksonVillage: What motivates you to continually keep on running a web radio station with all the work that is involved?

MoonDJ: Our goal is to spread the talent of MJ to everybody, make known the artist, bring the truth through the art. All is here and not in the tabloids. This man who has been insulted too often deserves to be known for his music and dance before all. This "battle" is constant, because the world is jealous and enjoys telling crap about him. So MjTunes benefits the public as a whole, in the sense that we give answers to such kinds of people and we help new fans to discover this artist.

DjTunes: Besides, what a pleasure it is to see people from all over the world listening to the same song at the same moment and watch them coming to our site to express their passion and share it with other fans. Nothing's more beautiful than an open minded community who loves sharing wonderful things in a peaceful atmosphere.

JacksonVillage: Do you have exclusive content at

MoonDJ: Yes we have our DJs, who produce exclusive remixes for the radio. Mostly it's miXscape - the official MjTunes DJ, but also a talented DJ Portishead and others. Various DJs send us remixes exclusively before offering them for download on their sites or various forums. I speak particularly about MJJM, Megajacko, they are talented DJs, big up to them!

DjTunes: Hey mOOn, you forgot my remixes!

JacksonVillage: Is it possible for remixers to get their Michael Jackson remixes on to ? If yes, how do they go about getting their work on to your radio station?

MoonDJ: Yes, of course, we have an upload module on the site which is called Be A DJ. In one click you can send your own remix. If the person is a member of MjTunes, his remix will be broadcast in a special program called DJ Xposed. Otherwise the remix will be added to the general program Mike In The Mix.

JacksonVillage: Have you had any feedback about from Michael's people - or do you know if Michael is aware of MjTunes?

MoonDJ: Knowing that Michael is aware of our radio and appreciates our work would be the most wonderful reward, but we are not sure whether he is or not. We are in contact only with Raymone Bain and she approves of our project. In a way we are almost official, because we pay royalties, but not enough to be considered otherwise than a fan site, which already is a true joy. We don't dream of anything more than a mere "hello" from MJ. That would be a great pleasure - of course.

DjTunes: The great feedback from Raymone was a good thing. For all the fans. And as MoonDJ said, it would be very good to hear a little message from Michael himself. By the way, MjTunes members can record an audio message directly from the site. Last year we have collected many messages that we've sent to Raymone Bain for Michael. The messages were also broadcast on the radio. An audio Guestbook will also appear soon with all the messages recorded by the members.

JacksonVillage: Are you able to tell what countries your listeners live in? And if yes - where would you say most of your listeners are from?

MoonDJ: We have our own statistical tools and we know exactly who comes on the site and who tunes in. But there's no country that really stands out in listening to the radio. As for site's visitors yes, we know the majority of them are American, French, and you great German community. You were fighting some times ago against the UK and you won the third place, congratulations!

JacksonVillage: How many people are on the MjTunes team ?

MoonDJ: What concerns everyday site administration it's 2 of us, DjTunes and me, then our DJs and members are also helping us, especially PYT-ID, DjHot7 and our great DJ miXscape who makes remixes for us occasionally. We need time and resources to do what we really want, and also a fan who knows a lot about MJ and speaks English perfectly to speak live on the radio in different moments of the day and night for free, anyone?

DjTunes: I just wanna say thank you to the coffee: one of my best friends in the team.

JacksonVillage: Is there a way for listeners to put requests for songs to you? If they can - how does that work?

MoonDJ: Normally we should have already set up a system for online request application. Members will be able to choose which songs they want to hear and a special program will be created for the occasion. We lack time and we are overdue, but it's going to come. However, if a member comes into our chat and makes a request - no problem, we'll play it.

DjTunes: Just come chat with us and sometimes we can add some songs requested from the online discussions live on the air. A regular radio program with requests for songs will arrive as soon as possible. Just be aware that the system cannot be a "song on demand" - so we will collect a lot of song requests but all of them cannot be automatically fulfilled.

JacksonVillage: What does the future hold for MjTunes - what are your plans for 2008 and beyond?

MoonDJ: Improvement of the site, navigation, content, dynamic features associated with the radio, the requests, etc are in our plans...We also study the possibility of involving listeners, by letting them speak and express themselves directly, but like I said, mostly we need a person who knows MJ's world well and speaks good English. Not like me as you may have noticed. We should have MJ himself, what do you think about that?

DjTunes: More HTML, PHP, MySQL... and coffee. Thank you Paul and thank you to all the fans in Germany. I was there with mOOn during the HIStory Tour. It's really a great country and I love the highways there!

Thanks DjTunes and MoonDJ for taking the time to answer our questions and we wish you guys good luck and success with !!!

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