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Michael Jackson - Space Channel 5 Part.2

Michael Jackson makes a cameo appearance as Space Michael in Space Channel 5, near the end of the game.

The May 2007 issue of EGM contains a quote from series creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi concerning what it was like to work with Michael:

"We were in the middle of production of Space Channel
5, in 1998 or 1999. I got a call from the U.S. from my partner
- the executive producer of Space Channel 5 - and he said,
'Oh, Michael wants to act in Space Channel 5.' I
said, 'Who's Michael?' 'Who is Michael
Jackson?' he said, 'The Michael Jackson - the
real Michael Jackson'

My partner had shown him the 60-to-70 percent complete version,
when it was almost at the end of the game. We had one month to
finalize. But Michael wanted to do something, so we suggested that
if he was OK with it, we could program the people in the game to do
the Michael Jackson dance when taken over by aliens. he said
'yeah.' We initially had five aliens who danced. One of
them became Michael Jackson."

He had a more prominent role in Space Channel 5: Part 2 where he
became the new head of Space Channel 5.
Whilst Ulala is distracted by a fake scoop, the headquarters are attacked and Space Michael is kidnapped by Purge and the Rhythym Rogues and has to be rescued by Ulala in a level featuring several of Michael's trademark dance moves.

Then when faced up against a singing robot, Space Michael
'sings' using trademark noises such as his infamous howl.
He then joins Ulala in facing up against Purge.

In both versions of the game, Micheal speaks in English, which
is subbed into Japanese in the Japanese version. He tends to have
the habit of calling Ulala, 'you-la-la.'

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