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Jermaine Jackson and Michael Jackson - Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming

Song recorded by Jermaine Jackson, as a duet with brother Michael, for his self-titled album, issued in May 1984 – the album was titled
DYNAMITE in the UK and many other countries.

‘I co-wrote it with Michael Omartian and Jake Ruska,’ said Bruce Sudano. ‘We were working on Jermaine’s record. Michael Omartian was producing the album for Jermaine. Michael and I became friends when he produced Donna (Summer)’s album, SHE WORKS HARD FOR THE MONEY, and we had co-written a couple of songs for that album. Michael had a track that Jermaine liked, and if I wanted to write something, it would probably get on the record.’

‘Jermaine took the song and played it for his brother, Michael Jackson, who also liked it and it became a duet. Jermaine released it as his first single, radio went nuts about the song, and then Jermaine’s record company got a call from Michael Jackson’s record company, with a “Sist and Desist” from playing the song. Michael’s BAD album was coming out and the company thought it would hinder Michael’s new release.’

Jermaine concurred: ‘A lack of communication between Clive Davis and CBS meant Arista were forbidden to issue the track as a single, explained Jermaine. ‘Basically, CBS were saying, why should we help you sell one of your albums?’ As it happened, Michael’s album BAD wasn’t actually released until 1987.

White label promo copies released in the UK, backed with Jermaine’s Come To Me and Oh Mother. Promo with picture sleeve issued in Japan.

B-side of Jermaine’s Do What You Do in the UK – instrumental version also released on some formats, including the 12” of Jermaine’s single, Dynamite.

Grammy nomination: Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.

Featured in a 1984 episode of the TV series Fame, titled ‘The Heart Of Rock ‘N’ Roll’ – an episode Michael’s sister Janet appeared in, as herself.

Cover version recorded by Robert Palmer, for his 1988 album, HEAVY NOVA.

Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming - Lyrics

Moonlight took me by surprise
'light coming from your eyes
Are you with me
Am I here with you
Are we in paradise
Tell me I'm not dreamin'

I know I've been here before
You go, then you come back for more
It's a mystery how you disappear
Like a shadow in the night
Tell me I'm not dreamin'

Are you too good to be true
Tell me I'm not dreamin'
Are you too good to be true
Tell me I'm not dreamin'

Midnight images of you
You slipped, slipped into my room
Could be magic, could be fantasy
Could it be that we're in love
Tell me I'm not dreamin'

Your voice whispers in the dark
You talk, talking to my heart
Are you with me
Am I here with you
Are we in paradise
Tell me I'm not dreamin'


When the morning comes
Wake me with your love
Let me know that I'm not dreamin'
Tell me this is real
Show me how you feel
Say it's what we both believe in


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