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  • 1990 ~ 1995

    Open or Close

    • Fanfare Transition (1992)
    (Michael Jackson)

    • Don't Be Messin' Around
    (Michael Jackson)
    Powerful ballad Bruce Swedien revealed, around the time THRILLER 25 was released, Michael had completed.
    "Michael plays piano on it, and it’s just beautiful" said Swedien.

    • A Baby Smiles
    (Michael Jackson)
    Featured as a poem titled When Babies Smile in "Dancing The Dream" (1992),a book by Michael Jackson about poems and reflections
    Supposed to be an outtake of the album DANGEROUS (1991)

    • Bad Girl (1990)
    (Michael Jackson)

    • Do The Bartman (1990)
    (Michael Jackson)
    Michael Jackson sings Background Vocals

    • Do You Know Where Your Children Are (1990) (4:35)
    (Michael Jackson)

    • Free (1990)
    (Michael Jackson, Carole Bayer Sager)

    • Give In To Me - Demo (1990) (6:36)
    (Michael Jackson, Bill Bottrell)
    Contains the famous "Love Is A Donut" verse. This demo has been given to "Slash" from "Guns N'Roses" to bring in a spectacular guitar performance which resulted in re-recording the song later for the final release

    • Gone Too Soon - Demo (1990) (3:26)
    (Buz Kohan, Larry Grossman)

    • I Forgive You (1990)
    (Michael Jackson)

    • In The Closet - Demo (1990) (6:59)
    (Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley)
    Without "Mystery Girl" aka "Princess Stιphanie of Monaco", Several different demo versions are believed to exist like one with "Madonna"
    Alternative title: (Coming) Out Of The Closet

    • Jam - Demo (1990) (5:47)
    (Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley, Renι Moore, Bruce Swedien)

    • Keep The Faith - Demo (1990) (5:57)
    (Michael Jackson, Glen Ballard, Siedah Garrett)

    • Little Girls (1990)
    (Michael Jackson)

    • Little Susie - Early Version (1979)
    (Michael Jackson)
    Outtake of the album DANGEROUS (1991)

    • Llama Lola (1990)
    (Michael Jackson)

    • Lonely Bird (1990)
    (Michael Jackson)

    • Lonely Man (1990)
    (Michael Jackson)

    • Lucy Is In Love With Linus (1990)
    (Michael Jackson)

    • Make A Wish (1990)
    (Michael Jackson)

    • Men In Black (1990)
    (Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley)

    • Michael McKellar (1990)
    (Michael Jackson)

    • Planet Earth (1990)
    (Michael Jackson)
    Supposed to be an outtake of the album DANGEROUS (1991).
    Featured as an eponymous poem in the accompanying booklet of the album DANGEROUS (1991) and in Dancing The Dream (1992), a book by Michael Jackson about poems and reflections.

    • Remember The Time - Demo (1990) (4:04)
    (Michael Jackson, Bernard Belle, Teddy Riley)

    • Serious Effect (1990) (5:07)
    (Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley)
    Featuring rap by "LL Cool J" a.k.a "James Todd Smith III"
    Outtake of the album DANGEROUS (1991)

    • She Got It (1990) (4:28)
    (Michael Jackson, Bill Bottrell, Teddy Riley)
    Michael Jackson
    Outtake of the album DANGEROUS (1991)

    • Stay (1990)
    (Michael Jackson, Bryan Loren)

    • The Love You Save - Adult Version (1970)
    (Freddie Perren, Fonce Mizell, Deke Richards, Berry Gordy Jr.)

    • What About Us (1990) (6:41)
    (Michael Jackson )
    Early Version of Earth Song.
    outtake of the album DANGEROUS (1991)

    • Black Or White - Pepsi Advertising Version (1991)
    (Michael Jackson)
    Michael's third advertising contract with Pepsi. This version has been used for the TV Commercial DESERT (1991).

    • Cry (1991)
    (Michael Jackson)
    This title is not the "R.Kelly" song that Michael recorded for the album INVINCIBLE (2001)

    • Happy Birthday, Lisa (1991) (1:36)
    (Michael Jackson)
    Alternative title: Lisa, It's Your Birthday
    Song that appeared in the episode "Stark Raving Dad" of the cartoon series The Simpsons on September 19, 1991. Due to contract issues Michael Jackson's version of the song could not be used. He was only allowed to voice his attached character (named Leon Kompowsky) under the pseudonym "John Jay Smith".
    The song was then sung by Southern California group Venice's singer Christopher "Kipp" Lennon who could imitate Michael Jackson's voice. He also sung Ben and Billie Jean in this episode.
    Cover Version by Kipp Lennon "The Simpsons": "Songs In The Key Of Springfield"

    • Red Eye (1991)
    (Michael Jackson)

    • Seven Bright New Stars (1991)
    (Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, D. Brack)

    • She's Not A Girl (1991)
    (Michael Jackson)

    • Sister Sue (1991)
    (Michael Jackson)

    • The Children's Hour (1991)
    (Michael Jackson)

    • Tragedy Of A Cheerleader (1991)
    (Michael Jackson)

    • Who Is The Girl With Her Hair Down (1991)
    (Michael Jackson)

    • Why Shy (1991)
    (Michael Jackson)

    • Someone Put Your Hand Out (1987-1992) (5:20)
    (Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley)
    Originally a canceled track from the album BAD (1987), but re-recorded for the album DANGEROUS (1991).

    • California Grass (1993)
    (Michael Jackson)

    • Dreams (1993)
    (Michael Jackson)

    • Fear (1993)
    (Michael Jackson)
    Outtake of the album HISTORY - PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE - BOOK I (1995)

    • Bass(z)ouille (1994)
    (Michael Jackson, Bruce Swedien)
    Outtake of the album HISTORY - PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE - BOOK I (1995)

    • Face (1994)
    (Michael Jackson)
    Supposed to be an Outtake of the album HISTORY - PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE - BOOK I (1995)

    • Ghosts - Early Version (1994) (5:41)
    (Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley)
    Outtake of the album HISTORY - PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE - BOOK I (1995)
    It was used for the end credits of the eponymous mini-movie GHOSTS (1996) when a final version was not yet available. This version has a different bass and other sound effects. Recording has been completed in 1996 and the song eventually was chosen for the compilation BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR.

    • In The Back - Demo (1994)(4:31)
    (Michael Jackson)
    Originally recorded for the album HISTORY - PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE - BOOK I (1995). Replaced by Superfly Sister on the compilation BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR and later intended to be reworked for the the album INVINCIBLE (2001) but discarded.
    Available on The Ultimate Collection


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