Here comes a time when some mysteries should be unfolded.

As you may or may not know, was created in 2006, and in November of the same year it opened its doors to the public for our common pleasure;  therefore we have prepared a series of events, surprises and, of course, gifts for you, our faithful members and listeners, as well as you, our anonymous and mysterious visitors, to celebrate our Birthday all together ;)

For the next few months, starting today, MjTunes is going to offer you some gifts.
But first of all, are you ready to complete the quest?

To get your gift you have to open the door, and that is why you need your keys! You do have them, don't you?  But careful, you will be needing a LETTER as well !

If you missed the beginning of this quest and haven't collected the keys yet, go to watch the following video

Now we guess everyone is ready.


Good luck and enjoy yourself, the game, the video, but most of all, enjoy the unique and AUTHENTIC music of The King Of Pop MICHAEL JACKSON (regarding recent events, we’d like to assure you that it really IS authentic ;) )

MjTunes Team

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